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Legionella Health Check

Interim Legionella health checks: The proactive approach to water safety

Interim Legionella Health Checks

At Ligtas, we offer the option of conducting annual or interim health checks strategically positioned between Legionella Risk Assessments (LRAs).

Interim health checks are excellent for maintaining vigilance between formal risk assessments. These checks help detect early signs of system degradation or control measure failures. This proactive approach can often prevent larger, more costly issues from developing.

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What’s Included With The Health Check

Previous LRA Review

A meticulous assessment of concerns raised in the prior Legionella Risk Assessment, coupled with an evaluation of the progress made in addressing those issues.

Current Control Measures Review

In-depth analysis to ensure that existing control measures seamlessly align with the recommended measures outlined in the Legionella Risk Assessment.

Temperature Testing

Rigorous examination of sentinel outlets and components to guarantee compliance with industry standards.

Records Audit

Thorough scrutiny of documentation to verify accuracy, completeness, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Legionella Written Scheme Review

For schemes prepared by our team, a meticulous review, and necessary edits to ensure ongoing relevance and compliance. For schemes prepared elsewhere, an option is to incorporate a comprehensive Written Scheme review into the Health Check package.

Benefits of Undertaking an Interim Health Check:

  • Early Detection: Interim checks can identify potential issues before they escalate into major problems, ensuring continuous safety.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Regular checks demonstrate a commitment to health and safety legislation compliance.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Proactive maintenance can be more cost-effective than addressing large-scale problems after they occur.

  • Peace of Mind: Regular health checks provide assurance to facility managers and occupants that water systems are safe and well-maintained.

  • Adaptability: Interim checks allow for adjustments in control measures in response to changes in the use of the building or water systems.

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